Any Little Thing Ltd has been set up by its 2 Directors Lucy Hutchinson & Lisa Elliot-Vance in a pursuit to follow their dreams & ambitions of providing a supportive service, passionate in offering reliable and trustworthy assistance.

No matter what your state of mind or abilities – EVERYONE needs a helping hand!

Lucy has been working in care for 7 years. Lucy says “I love helping and supporting others. I have worked with complex needs & disabilities as well as in rehabilitation within the NHS. I left the care industry briefly & missed it so much the ideas of Any Little Thing Ltd started to blossom. I met Lisa, my colleague & Co-Director, some years ago within a company providing support to adults with learning disabilities & complex needs. We worked so well together, I couldn’t think of anyone better, to create the identical vision, we have, with”

Lucy enjoys horse riding, walking her dog and meeting new people. She prides herself at being a hard worker, that likes to ensure a job is well done!

Lisa has been working within the care environment for 15 years plus. “ I have worked in many different roles and sectors, from nursing home, homecare, older people mental health team, to older people day centres and finishing in a day centre for adults with a learning disability/difficultly”.

I love working with people and am very passionate about delivering a high level of service.   I took a small break from the care sector to travel the world a little with my husband.  Lucy and I worked together with a company providing day care services for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs.  We became a fantastic team, sharing the same ethos and passion, that when over coffee the idea for Any Little Thing was born, I could not think of anyone I would rather have as my partner.

Lisa loves traveling, walking her dog and meeting new people and learning new cultures.  Lisa prides herself on always giving a first class service and being a very hard worker.